Track Commission and High Performance Unit Training Day Success

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By Cycling Ireland
Apr 9, 2024 - 11:04:57 AM

Close to 30 riders attended the recent Track Commission and Cycling Ireland (CI) High Performance Unit (HPU) joint training day.

The training day took place on Sunday 7th of April at Sundrive Velodrome.

The collaboration aimed to enhance the skills and confidence of track cyclists across all levels and proved incredibly successful.

The initiative was developed with a view to paving the way for increased participation in track disciplines, future success in international competitions and greater representation at major championships.

Several members of the CI HPU were on hand throughout the day to offer advice and guidance as well as coaches and former international riders.

Speaking about the success of the day, Track Commission Chairperson Autumn Collins said:

“This was a really exciting first step in a more collaborative relationship between the Track Commission and the High Performance Unit. We are incredibly pleased with how the riders responded to the session and instructions.

“It's imperative to have former international riders such as Fintan Ryan passing on knowledge to riders. The purpose of the event was to provide a high-level training session, to encourage riders to attend other track events throughout the year, and to help increase the national standard.

“The increased cooperation will help provide more opportunities for riders and help create a clearer pathway for those who wish to race internationally.”

Neill Delahaye, Head Coach with Cycling Ireland added:

“Track cycling is an integral and successful part of our HPU activities. We are eager to see the discipline grow with more opportunities provided to more athletes. Collaborating with the Track Commission has provided a very positive and dynamic start to the year and something we hope to see grow and evolve over the course of this season and beyond.

"The impact of aligned pathway activity like this is significant and a co-ordinated approach with Commissions and the HPU enables more riders to develop to their potential.”

Those who attended the training day are encouraged to attend upcoming track events, including this coming Sunday at Sundrive Velodrome.

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