Irish Track Racing Day in Dublin - April 2009

Posted in: Track Racing
By Peter Purfield
Mar 14, 2024 - 8:42:29 PM

Here is a short video of a visit to see some of cycling activities at the cycle track in Eamonn Ceant Park in South Dublin.

In 2009 the Cycle Track in Eamonn Ceant Park Sundrive Road was resurfaced after many years of neglect. The Track Comission headed by Liam Walker were successful in getting funding from Dublin City Council to do the upgrade works, this had a very positive effect for the promotion and expansion of Track Racing in Ireland and helped in no small part to the Track successes Ireland has had in recent years.

The cycle track is even more important today with the ever increasing number of cars on the roads, it provides a safe alternative for racing and training.

Video by Peter Purfield