2024 Dublin Track Cycling International Results

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By Cycling Ireland
Jun 2, 2024 - 4:35:17 PM


Irish riders compete against host of international riders in UCI Class 2 event at Sundrive Velodrome

Gold medal wins for Erin Creighton,

- Mateo Marasas
- Deirbhle Ivory
- Miraim Jessett
- George Nemilostivijs
- and more

The 2024 Dublin Track Cycling International produced an enjoyable weekend of racing as Sundrive Velodrome as some of Ireland's best domestic track cyclists took on a host of international riders.

Taking place on Saturday and Sunday, June 1st and 2nd, sunshine and favourable conditions made for some brilliant racing across the two days as riders from nations such as Sweden, Argentina, Belgium, South Africa and Portugal all making the trip in search of UCI points.

There were close battles in several categories, including two hugely exciting Omnium races across two days, as spectators enjoyed one of the key weekends of the Irish track cycling calendar.

Day One

The Men's Omnium took centre stage on Saturday, with George Nemilostivijs taking a closely fought victory over One Life Cycle teammate James Ambrose-Parish as Sweden's Gustav Johansson completed the podium.

Irish national team rider Erin Creighton was victorious in a high-quality Women's Scratch race as she edged Aoife O'Brien and Annalise Murphy to take the win.

Creighton and O'Brien represented the Ireland National Team in the Women's Madison, finishing ahead of Miriam Jessett and Gabriella Homer in second and Murphy and Ellen Ni Cleirigh in third.

Mateo Marasas was the strongest in the Men's Keirin as silver went to Sean Curtis with Joshua Dunham taking bronze. Deirbhle Ivory beat Zoe Wolfs in the battle for gold in the women's sprint while Caoimhe Seymour finished in third.

Philip O'Connor and Mya Doocey were victorious in the Junior Men and Women's Mini Omnium races earlier in the day.

Day Two

George Nemilostivijs was the first big winner of the second day at the event, besting James Ambrose-Parish and Ryan Byrne in a thrilling sprint for the medal placings. In the women's keirin, Wolfs this time got the better of Ivory as they took gold and silver repectively, Miriam Jessett rounded out the podium in third.

Jessett did taste success however, with a strong final points race earning her a gold medal ahead of S'Annara Grove in silver and Erin Creighton in bronze.

Nemilostivijs and Ambrose-Parish combined in the men's madison to take a strong victory over Gustav Johansson and Neo Viking in silver as Cian Keogh and Matt Gibson took bronze.

Argentina's Mateo Marasas proved the strongest of the fast men over the weekend, following up his keirin gold with the same in the sprint. Joshua Dunham finished with silver as Dmitri Griffin took a bronze medal.

Day One Results

Women's Scratch
1. Erin Creighton
2. Aoife O'Brien
3. Annalise Murphy

Junior Men's Omnium
1. Phillip O'Connor
2. Max Fitzgerald
3. Luca Holmes

Junior Women's Omnium
1. Mya Doocey
2. Rhiannon Dolan
3. Zoe Shakespeare

Women's Madison
1. Aoife O'Brien & Erin Creighton (Ireland)
2. Gabriella Homer & Miriam Jessett (Loughborough Lighting)
3. Annalise Murphy & Ellen Ni Cleirigh (Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers)

Men's Keirin
1. Mateo Marasas
2. Sean Curtis
3. Joshua Dunham

Women's Sprint
1. Deirbhle Ivory
2. Zoe Wolfs
3. Caoimhe Seymour

Men's Omnium
1. George Nemilostivijs
2. James Ambrose-Parish
3. Gustav Johansson

Day Two Results

Men's Scratch
1. George Nemilostivijs
2. James Ambrose-Parish
3. Ryan Byrne

Women's Keirin
1. Zoe Wolfs
2. Deirbhle Ivory
3. Miriam Jessett

Men's Madison
1. James Ambrose-Parish & George Nemilostivijs (One Life Cycle)
2. Gustav Johansson & Neo Viking (Sweden)
3. Cian Keogh & Matt Gibson (TEAM SKYLINE)

Men's Sprint
1. Mateo Marasas
2. Joshua Dunham
3. Dmitri Griffin

Women's Omnium
1. Miriam Jessett
2. S'Annara Grove
3. Erin Creighton

Full official results will be published in due course - click here