2024 Ras Tailteann Stage 2 - Conn McDunphy Wins into Sneem

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By Gearóid Campbell, Rás Tailteann Media
May 23, 2024 - 4:23:55 PM

Stage 2 of Rás Tailteann took the riders from Kanturk to Sneem over a distance of 183.8KM.

Stage 2 winner, Conn McDunphy (Team Skyline - CADENCE). Photo by Lorraine O'Sullivan

The stage was won by Conn McDunphy, an Irish man riding as part of the USA Skyline-CADENCE team with Liam O'Brien from Team Ireland in second. George Peden from UK Team PB Performance finished third with Dillon Corkery from Team Ireland finishing fourth for the second consecutive day.

Dom Jackson from UK Foran CT takes the yellow jersey with Liam O'Brien from Team Ireland in second and Conn McDunphy from USA Skyline-CADENCE in third. All three riders are on the same time overall. Defending champion Dillon Corkery of Team Ireland finds himself in fifth overall with a deficit of 32 seconds.

Logan Maclean of Killarney CC is the leader of the KOH competition, and Matteo Cigala is leading the Irish county rider competition.

Rás Tailteann Stage 2 – How it unfolded…

Again, the race kicked off from the 0.0KM signs at speeds in excess of 50km/h. Early crosswinds caused havoc, with riders losing contact from the off. The winds didn’t deter attacks, as Daire Feeley (All Human – VeloRevolution), Pete Cocker (Richardsons Trek DAS) and Gareth O’Neill (Challenge CC) attacked inside the first 30KM but were quickly reeled back in. O’Neill was quick to strike again as the race approached the first KOH of the day and took the points over the first CAT 3 in Scartaglin after 37.8KM. Conor McGoldrick (Richardsons Trek DAS), Jack Luke Marshall (Brocar Rali Ale) and Jude Taylor (Team PB Performance) were second, third and fourth over the line, respectively. O’Neill was reeled in after the KOH.

Over the next 15KM, the race was pretty steady until O’Neill attacked again, bringing Mitchell McLaughlin (All Human - VeloRevolution), Patton Sims (Good Guys Racing) and Conal Scully (Dan Morrissey Primor by Pissei) with him. At maximum, the riders had an advantage of 27 seconds but were reeled back in as the second KOH, a CAT 3 in Callinafersey loomed. Conor McGoldrick (Richardsons Trek DAS) led over the KOH, with Corkery (Team Ireland), Martin (Wheelbase – Cabtech – Castelli) and Laverick (Ribble Rebellion) behind in second, third and fourth.

Lots of attacks over the next 20KM as the race passed through the cycling stronghold of Killorglin, but nothing managed to get away. Next up, was the CAT 3 Bunglasha KOH after 91.2KM. This time around, Logan Maclean (Killarnery CC) led over the top with McGoldrick (Richardson Trek DAS) in second. Tom Armstrong (Wheelbase – Cabtech – Castelli) and Ryan Christensen (Foran CT) were third and fourth over the KOH.

Maclean led out front after the third KOH and took the pivotal 15 points at the top of the CAT 1 Ballaghasheen Pass. O’Brien (Ireland), Warren Scanlon (Brocar Rali Ale), Jackson (Foran CT), Corkery (Ireland), Kimber (Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling) and O’Connor (Leinster) were second to seventh across the crest of the climb.

The race was now completely decimated following the KOH with groups all over the road. A fast descent off Ballaghasheen helped to form a leading group of 27 riders who had a near three minute gap over the second group on the road, which included both the yellow jersey, Pritchard (Richardsons Trek DAS) and white jersey, Doogan (Team Ireland). This gap dwindled over the next 30 kilometres, falling to just 90 seconds as the riders had 50KM of racing remaining. McGoldrick (Richardsons Trek DAS) led over the Coomakista CAT 2 ahead of Jackson (Foran CT), Maclean (Killarney), O’Brien (Ireland), Martin (Wheelbase – Cabtech – Castelli) and Shoreman (Wheelbase – Cabtech – Castelli).

After the KOH, with approximately 40KM of racing remaining, Irishman Conn McDunphy of USA Team Skyline-CADENCE and Liam O’Brien of Team Ireland attacked. Their gap over the chasing group grew to over a minute with the yellow jersey group a further minute behind as the race approached the finishing loop in Sneem. As the leaders approached the final KOH of the day, McDunphy and O’Brien’s lead was now a minute and 40 seconds as the yellow jersey group closed rapidly on the chasers, only a further thirty seconds behind. O’Brien led over the KOH, with McDunphy in second. Corkery of Team Ireland and Shoreman of Team Wheelbase – Cabtech – Castelli took third and fourth over the final KOH, respectively.

As the race approached the finish in Sneem, the gap was dwindling rapidly but it was obvious that O’Brien and McDunphy had done enough to stay away. Sure enough, McDunphy took the stage win into Sneem with O’Brien in second at the same time. George Peden (Team PB Performance) won the sprint for third, with Corkery leading in the chasing group two seconds behind for fourth at a 32-second deficit.

McDunphy’s win puts him in the FBD Stage Winner Jersey. Corkery’s fourth place finish was enough to allow him lead the Citybreak Apartments Points Classification. Logan Maclean (Killarney CC)’s win in the Ballaghasheen Pass KOH put him in the Irish Independent Mountains Jersey. Liam O’Brien moves into the Spin 11 U23 Jersey, taking it from his teammate Odhran Doogan who was caught up in an earlier crash. For the second consecutive stage, Matteo Cigala was the first Irish County Rider home and wins the Festina award, along with retaining the Sport Ireland County Rider Jersey. While, Dom Jackson (Foran CT) takes over the Bective Stud Yellow Jersey classification but O’Brien and McDunphy are chomping at the bit with the exact same time – it truly still is all to play for.

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Stage 2 Provisional Results - Kanturk - Sneem 23 May 2024

Issued: 23/05/2024 15:22:00

Stage 2 Result

1 McDunphy, Conn USA: Skyline-Cadence 4h14'10"
2 O'Brien, Liam Ireland: Team Ireland @ s/t
3 Peden, George UK: Team PB Performance @30"
4 Corkery, Dillon Ireland: Team Ireland @32"
5 Shoreman, Tim UK: Wheelbase - Cabtech - Castelli @ s/t
6 Cigala, Matteo Carlow: Dan Morrissey Primor by Pissei @ s/t
7 McDermott, Daniel UK: Ride Revolution Coaching @ s/t
8 Feeley, Daire Cork: All Human-VeloRevolution @ s/t
9 Cocker, Pete UK: Richardsons Trek DAS @ s/t
10 Perrett, Will UK: Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling @ s/t

General Classification

1 Jackson, Dom UK: Foran CT 7h23'58"
2 O'Brien, Liam Ireland: Team Ireland = s/t
3 McDunphy, Conn USA: Skyline-Cadence = s/t
4 Peden, George UK: Team PB Performance @ 30"
5 Corkery, Dillon Ireland: Team Ireland @ 32"
6 Shoreman, Tim UK: Wheelbase - Cabtech - Castelli = s/t
7 Cigala, Matteo Carlow: Dan Morrissey Primor by Pissei = s/t
8 Wang, Kuicheng China: Team Bodywrap = s/t
9 Perrett, Will UK: Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling = s/t
10 Cocker, Pete UK: Richardsons Trek DAS = s/t

Mountains Competition

1 Maclean, Logan kry 26
2 Jackson, Dom for 24
3 McGoldrick, Conor ric 23

Points Competition
1 Corkery, Dillon irl 24
2 Shoreman, Tim whl 19
3 Cigala, Matteo car 19

Young Rider Overall
1 O'Brien, Liam irl 7h23m58s
2 Scanlon Warren, Ewan esp @32s
3 O'Connor, Ronan lei @32s

County Rider Overall

1 Cigala, Matteo car 7h24m30s
2 Feeley, Daire all
3 O'Loughlin, Patrick kry @1m34s

PRIMES: KOM Cat 3: #1 Scartaglin - 1- 118:O'NeillG(gch) 2- 78:McGoldrickC(ric) 3- 29:MarshallJ(esp) 4- 40:TaylorJ(pb)

KOM Cat 3: #2 Callinafersey - 1- 78:McGoldrickC(ric) 2- 1:CorkeryD(irl) 3- 71:MartinT(whl) 4- 66:LaverickJ(rib)

KOM Cat 3: #3 Bunglasha - 1- 129:MacleanL(kry) 2- 78:McGoldrickC(ric) 3- 74:ArmstrongT(whl) 4- 65:ChristensenR(for)

KOM Cat 1: #4 Ballaghasheen - 1- 129:MacleanL(kry) 2- 4:O'BrienL(irl) 3- 26:Scanlon WarrenE(esp) 4- 61:JacksonD(for) 5- 1:CorkeryD(irl) 6-
41:KimberG(tbw) 7- 87:O'ConnorR(lei)

KOM Cat 2: #5 Coomakista - 1- 78:McGoldrickC(ric) 2- 61:JacksonD(for) 3- 129:MacleanL(kry) 4- 4:O'BrienL(irl) 5- 71:MartinT(whl) 6-

KOM Cat 3: #6 Letterfinish - 1- 4:O'BrienL(irl) 2- 7:Mc DunphyC(sky) 3- 1:CorkeryD(irl) 4- 72:ShoremanT(whl)