Cycling Ireland Launch Club Self-Assessment Tool Kit

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By Cycling Ireland
Dec 14, 2023 - 5:07:01 PM

Cycling Ireland are delighted to announce the launch of a new Club Self-Assessment Tool Kit System aimed to support the continued development of cycling clubs in Ireland.

The new system will give clubs with a comprehensive self-assessment tool kit that will provide a tailored club development action plan as well as an assessment report and a host of resources.

The system's launch highlight's Cycling Ireland's continued support to affiliated clubs and aims to nurture clubs' development for now and for the future. Analytics and reports on the system will also allow Cycling Ireland to identify areas within club development that we can further support.

The club self-assessment system has nine sections for clubs to complete a self-assessment:

· Section 1 Governance.
· Section 2 Planning.
· Section 3 Finance.
· Section 4 Cycling Club Operations.
· Section 5 Marketing & Communications.
· Section 6 Equipment.
· Section 7 Coaches, Safeguarding & Cycling Club Officials.
· Section 8 Cycling Pathway.
· Section 9 Inclusivity, Equity & Diversity.

When the self-assessment is completed, the system will generate a unique assessment report and an editable club development action plan and will provide clubs with support resources and information for each section.



The detailed assessment report and editable club development action plan can be updated, changed or amended anytime and will help clubs to identify development needs and plan for the future to meet these needs.

James Quilligan, Cycling Ireland CEO, said:

"Cycling Ireland are delighted to launch the Club Self Assessment Tool Kit System and we believe it will be a fantastic tool to help with our improved governance and the continued support and development of cycling clubs in Ireland. The tool will help clubs assess their performance in several areas and gives them resources to help develop an action plan for the club's development. We encourage all clubs to avail of the system as an important tool in their development heading into 2024."

Gary Lavery, Cycling Ireland Club Development Officer (Ulster), said:

"The newly launched Cycling Ireland club self-assessment system and toolkit is a new innovative system to support all our cycling clubs in developing and assessing nine key areas from governance to inclusivity. An editable club action plan will be provided when the club assessment is completed and this will be supported by resources that will enable the cycling club to plan and grow for the now and the future. This is a fantastic new system that will help all our member clubs and investment in clubs by Cycling Ireland.”


Queries about the system can be sent to Gary Lavery, Cycling Ireland Club Development Officer (Ulster), at

Clubs are encouraged to register for the Cycling Ireland Club Self-Assessment Tool Kit link... click here