1996 Irish Downhill Championships - Video Highlights

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By Peter Purfield
Oct 3, 2023 - 8:14:32 PM

I've been digging up some old video recordings, here's an interesting one. It shows the emerging sport of downhill racing evolving and Ravensdale in Dundalk, Co. Louth, is a popular venue for mountainbiking and it was one of the first to host all Ireland Downhill events.

Viewers will see the attraction these events have, although the bikes have improved massively the riders here put on a spectacle.

Irish Downhill Championships Results
Ravensdale, Co. Louth - 15/09/1996
211 Starters

Elite Men
1 Robin Seymour - Bikeshak
2 Anthony Oates - UK Guest
3 Ian Jones - UK Guest
4 Richie McGlynn - UK Racing
5 Paul Gilsenan - IMBRC
6 Glyn O'Brien - Team Best

1 Jenny Brennan - U/A
2 Tarja Ownes - IMBRC
3 Joanne McCallum - Armstrong

1 John Lawlor - Drogheda Whls
2 Karl Daly - Malahide
3 Johny Matthews - UK Guest

1 Peter Purfield - MAD MTB

1 Richie Byrne - MAD MTB

Under 16
1 Simon Gill - U/A

Under 14
1 Neil McCallum - Armstrong

Under 12
1 Jamie Scott - U/A

1996 Irish Downhill Championships
Held in Ravensdale, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Organised by Eamonn Lawlor and the Drogheda Wheelers Cycling Club

Video & Editing: Peter Purfield

Music: Sunshine Whistle

Write up about the race here - https://issuu.com/uberdog/docs/uberdog_issue_v01_01

Final Dedication

I would like to dedicate this video to Eamonn Lawlor, who's hard work and determination got downhill mountain biking off the ground in the early 90's and set the seeds for the successful sport we have now in Ireland.

Sadly, we lost Eamonn in October 2022

May he rest in peace.