2022 Eurocycles Junior Tour - Stage 4 Results

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By Gearóid Campbell - Media Officer
Jul 15, 2022 - 6:54:21 PM

Today's results from the Eurocycles Eurobaby Junior Tour Stage 4 'East Clare’ covering a distance of 87.8km.

Today's stage was won be Andrew August who then took over the leaders jersey.

Stage Result - Sponsored by Usher Energy Saving Solutions

1 August, Andrew Hot Tubes 2h01m13s
2 Brookes, Joe HalesowenAcademyMapei 2h01m13s
3 Joore, Wout Tempo Hoppenbrouwers 2h02m00s @47s
4 Parham, Darren Hot Tubes 2h02m00s @ s/t
5 Cucco, Will Team California 2h02m00s @ s/t
6 Pattinson, Tom HalesowenAcademyMapei 2h02m00s @ s/t
7 McKay, Shane Pinergy Orwell 2h02m00s @ s/t
8 Askey, Ben BackstedtBikePerformance 2h02m00s @ s/t
9 Marais, Jacques Team Foremost 2h02m00s @ s/t
10 Harkness, Travis Ulster 2h02m00s @ s/t

General Classification

1 August, Andrew Hot Tubes 7h50m51s
2 Brookes, Joe HalesowenAcademyMapei 7h51m18s @27s
3 Jowett, Lucas BackstedtBikePerformance 7h51m28s @37s
4 Dodd, Mattie BackstedtBikePerformance 7h51m54s @1m03s
5 Askey, Ben BackstedtBikePerformance 7h52m01s @1m10s
6 Pattinson, Tom HalesowenAcademyMapei 7h52m01s @s/t
7 Che, Alejandro Velosport 7h52m05s @1m14s
8 Strachan, Sean Team Swift 7h52m05s @s/t
9 Ludman, Joshua BRE 7h52m07s @1m16s
10 Joore, Wout Tempo Hoppenbrouwers 7h52m07s @s/t

Team General Classification

1 Hot Tubes 23h34m48s
2 BackstedtBikePerformance @49s
3 HalesowenAcademyMapei @1m04s
4 Velosport @1m45s
5 Team Foremost @1m47s
6 ONTO @1m51s
7 Ireland @ s/t
8 VC Londres @2m15s
9 Lee Valley Youth Club @9m34s
10 Team Swift @13m01s

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