Gardai looking into eBike testing equipment

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Feb 27, 2024 - 6:43:16 PM

Dutch police roadside testing equipment to catch illegal machines

The Gardaí are looking into new roadside testing equipment that could help them take illegal e-bikes and e-scooters off the roads.

The equipment is already in use by police in the Netherlands and will enable Gardaí to check the maximum power and speed a bike or scooter is capable of.

Newstalk did a podcast discussing what the Gardai will be doing, it's well worth listening to.

Under the Road Traffic and Road Acts 2023 Bill which has been signed into law but has yet to be enacted, higher-powered e-bikes will be considered mechanically propelled vehicles (MPVs). This will mean riders will be required to hold a licence and registration and must wear a helmet.

What are the current e bike laws in Ireland?

E-bikes (including cargo e-bikes) under 250 watts, with an electric motor cut-off at 25kmh, and where the motor only operates while pedalling, will continue to be treated as bikes. These may be used in cycle lanes and all relevant road rules apply.

New changes to be introduced

Electric bikes with motors which exceed 25km/h must be registered as e-mopeds in 2024.

More powerful e-bikes will require a licence, registration, tax, insurance, and helmets.

E-scooters will not be legal on Irish roads until later this year.