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Billy Kennedy awarded Cycling Ireland Honorary Life Membership
Introducing the Cycling Ireland Training Hub
Irish Veteran Cyclists Association affiliate with Cycling Ireland

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By Press Release
24 Mar 2021,

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The 2021 racing season is looming in the distance and there are several things you need to consider for the coming year. All events including club events must be entered on the Permit System and all relevant Risk Assessments must be attached to the event. All events must use the online entry system. The benefits of the new system are that it removes cash and the handling of money during the pandemic, entry fees move seamlessly into your stripe account and you have a list of all your entries before event day. This is also a mandatory requirement in relation to COVID-19 and contact tracing if the need arises. It is also a Cycling Ireland requirement and if your event is not online your event will not avail of our current event insurance.

Permit System

The following system explains the full working of how to add your event to the Permit System.

Permit Application Link:

Stripe Account
To be able to use the online entry system and collect entry fees you must have an active Stripe account. The following link explains how to set up a stripe account if required.

Stripe Setup Link:

Online Entry
To save time please set up the online tickets for your event. Event dates can always be changed if you are required to move your event. Please see the following links to help with the set up and management of your account.

Leisure Event Details:

Competitive Event Details:

Event (One Day) Licences and Member renewals
For Open Road Racing the Event Licence (or One Day Licence) has been scrapped for the beginning of the season and from August 2021 to year end, Limited Competition licence holders may avail of a One Day Licence for participation.

Please ensure you have renewed in good time before the first race of the year. Due to the current restrictions, we post out memberships each Wednesday. If you are upgrading your membership, please complete this before 9am on the Wednesday of your race week to ensure you have your numbers for the weekend racing. If you do not have your licence at sign-on you will be refused entry by the Commissaires.

If your club has yet to affiliate or meet the minimum requirements for an affiliated club (i.e. 6 registered members to include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), your licence will be held back from postage until the club meets these regulations. If you do not have a licence, back and frame numbers on race day you cannot take part.

If you receive enough points to upgrade during the season and are waiting on the new licence and back numbers to arrive, you can race in your upgraded category with your old number but must tell a commissaire at sign on that you are awaiting an upgrade. A Commissaire will give you temporary numbers for a small deposit at sign-on. Upon receipt of the new back and frame numbers and licence card please return the old ones to the office as they are now void.

Event licences are still available for Off-Road Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro, Cyclo-Cross, TT’s, BMX and Leisure events all year round apart from National and Provincial Championships. They are not available for any Track events.

National Championships Eligibility (Masters and IRL Nationality)
We have a number of Master’s National Championships for which riders need to have the correct Rider Category in order to enter.

M30 Men
If you turn 30 in the calendar year or are in your thirties and wish to take part in some of our Masters 30 Championships, please ensure you select M30 when you renew your membership. You may still take part in SENIOR championships where no equivalent M30 championship takes place. Make sure you have a UCI category of Elite selected with M30 to take part in SENIOR Champs

M40 Men
If you turn 40 in the calendar year or have yet to switch from SENIOR, please make sure you select M40 when you renew your membership, to take part in any M40 championships. If you wish to ride the Rás, International Track GP or any Elite UCI events you may do so with the combination of M40 and Elite UCI Category.

M50 & M60 Men
These are automatically selected for you once you reach the qualifying age

Masters Women
There are no specific Masters Women rider categories however once a female rider turns 40 in the calendar year she is eligible for the Masters Women prize in the National Road Race and TT Championships

IRL Nationality
To take part in any National Championship you must have IRL as your Nationality. If you are born in Northern Ireland and have GBR as your Nationality you may apply to switch nationality. We must send such applications to the UCI to be verified. This can take over a month. Please note that once you make the switch you cannot change back. Please get in touch with the office if this applies to you at:

A3 National Championships
M40, M50 & M60 licence holders are not eligible for the A3 SENIOR championships. Only Riders with SENIOR or M30 Rider Categories can take part

Road Racing Points, Upgrades & Downgrades
Following the CI AGM there have been some changes to the upgrade thresholds for the Full Competition categories;

A4 to A3 = 13 points
A4 riders carry their points forward each year
A3 to A2 = 15 points
A3 rider’s points are halved upon renewal
A2 to A1 = 20 points
A2 rider’s points are halved upon renewal
A1 rider’s points are zeroed each year
JR (A3) to JR (A2) = 90 points for first year Juniors and 60 points for second year Juniors
JR (A4) to JR (A3) = 13 points
JR rider’s points are zeroed each year and they start back at JR (A3)

If an A1 or A2 rider has failed to score 6 points in a previous season they may apply for a downgrade with 5 points on their licence.

Please see Chapters T2 & T3 of the Cycling Ireland Technical Rules for further information

Did you know that if you have an accident in a race or out training you are covered for personal accident and third-party liability via your membership? Pease see link below for further info

[ External Website / link click here ]

Sundry Items
Latest Headlines
Billy Kennedy awarded Cycling Ireland Honorary Life Membership
Introducing the Cycling Ireland Training Hub
Irish Veteran Cyclists Association affiliate with Cycling Ireland

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