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MTB NEWS: 2012 XC NPS Rider Grading
11 Jan 2012,

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The 2012 XC NPS grades have been assigned per riders who have raced in the 2011 NPS (ie; riders who appear in the 2011 XC NPS league tables).

The majority of initial duplicate values have now been removed, if your name appears more than once this means that you likely raced in several different categories during the year, for any riders in this situation the default will be that you will be allocated to the HIGHER category.

Several riders have either upgraded themselves during the 2011 season and thus will continue in the category they upgraded to, or have been identified for upgrade.

Riders are welcome/encouraged to upgrade themselves to a higher category if they feel that they will have more of a challenge, it also means you will get better value out of your licence and entry fee by racing an additional lap!

Clubs are also requested to help riders decide their categories for 2012, and give riders on-the-border a little nudge up to the next category.

The Assigned 2012 XC NPS Grades

Gareth Mckee Banbridge CC 
Aiden Mc Donald Cuchulainn Cc 
Matt Slattery Killarney Cycling Club 
Oisin Boydell MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Richard Felle 
Tomasz Michalski XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Mark McGauley MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Vinnie Fitzsimons Team WORC 
Maciej Staroniewicz Epic MTB 
Alfie Wallace Epic MTB 
David O Neill Team Worc 
Evan Ryan Team Worc 
Richard Close MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Ciaran Byrne DU Cycling Club 
William Mulligan Banbridge CC 
Kevin Stanley IMBRC 
Sean Downey Cycleways Cc 
Joseph McCall Focus MTB 
Sean Donnelly Team Vision Racing 
Robert Tobin IMBRC 
Gerry McCabe Cuchulainn Cc 
John Bogues Phoenix Cc 
Simon O'Connor MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Niall Davis 
Gregory Callaghan 021Racing 
Michael Jordan IMBRC 
Conor Campbell Newry Wheelers Cc 
Robin Seymour Team Worc 
Brian Steele Team Vision Racing 
John Pennefather Focus MTB 
Peter Buggle Rocky Mountain 
Andrew Newman Team Worc 
Luke Manning IMBRC 
Donncha O'Brien The Edge Sports Team 
Robert Lamont XMTB McConvey Cycles 
John Conway Harps Cc 
Marthinus Esmeyer North Coast Leisure 
John Doris Epic MTB 
Damian Mulchrone Epic MTB 
Graham Boyd XMTB McConvey Cycles 
James McCluskey IMBRC 
Paul McMenamin Leisure Lakes 
Sebastian Rakos 
Roger Aiken Banbridge CC 

Simon Curry Banbridge CC 
Michael Dardis Epic MTB 
Oscar Mac Ananey EPIC MTB 
Jim Haide IMBRC 
Colm Mcgarvey Epic MTB 
Gene Ryan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Fergal Kilkenny MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Eamon McConvey XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Joe Jones IMBRC 
Stuart Galloway Team Worc 
Brian Stewart Phoenix Cc 
Brian McCarthy MBCC 
William Boyd XMTB McConvey Cycles 
David Lawless Un-Attached Leinster 
Conor Conneff MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Clive Caldwell Strabane/Lifford Cc 
Rory Mcliam *Unattached* 
Brendan Doherty VC Glendale 
Niall Clarke Cuchulainn Cc 
Dylan Prinsen Un-Attached Leinster 
Paddy Mackey Team Worc 
Dave O'Brien IMBRC 
Paul Coyne Team Worc 
Luke Ireland *Unattached* 
Philip Tighe Team Worc 
David McKeown Cuchulainn Cc 
Simon Keating Epic MTB 
Richard Byrne Epic MTB 
Stephen Pollock IMBRC 
Thomas Gerard Jackson EPIC MTB 
Stephen Scrivener Du Cycling Club 
Geoff Brown Dromara Cycling Club 
Stephen Timmons Epic MTB 
Colm Mullen Team Worc 
Glyn O'Brien *Unattached* 
Johnny McCabe Cuchulainn Cc 
Paul Magee *Unattached* 
Rudolf Brinkman Racing 795 
Billy Mcsweeny Killarney Cycling Club 
Eoin Keith Epic MTB 
Peter McConville Newry Wheelers Cc 
Alan Ayling Epic DH 
Colum Foster MBCC 
Brian Hutchinson Epic MTB 
Cormac Ahern MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Phil O'Neill Dromara Cycling Club 
Mark Kidd IMBRC 
Dave O'Shea IMBRC 
Andrew Burns Orchard Wheelers 
Andrew Wallace Northern Cc 
Ronan Buggle Team Worc 
Niall Quinlan Rocky Mountain 
Mark Bartley Un-Attached Ulster 
Damien Kelly Epic MTB 
Liam McKiverigan Banbridge CC 
Daragh Smith Epic MTB 
Stewart Carr Cycleways Cc 
Lance McCarthy XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Raymond Corbett Cork County Cc 
David Askin IMBRC 
Andrew Godfrey *Unattached* 
Adrian Hennessy Epic MTB 
Declan McCabe Cuchulainn Cc 
Jonathan Dempsey East Antrim 
Martin O'Hagan Un-Attached Ulster 
Philip O'Neill Dromara Cycling Club 
David Maher IMBRC 
Andrew Graham Omagh Wheelers 
David Heagney East Tyrone Cycling Club 
Jason Coulter Team Madigan C.C. 
Andrew Bradley East Tyrone Cycling Club 
Karl Pae Un-Attached Leinster 
Brian Long cork County CC 
Alan Bingham Cuchulainn Cc 
Mark Kenny Rocky Mountain 
Ivan Reid Omagh Wheelers 
John Crowley Killarney Cycling Club 
Marc Potts Plush MTB 
Ray Doyle Focus MTB 
Neven Smyth East Tyrone Cycling Club 
Michael Flanagan *Unattached* 
James Mac Ferran Team Vision Racing 
Colm Keane IMBRC 
Ray Corbett Cork County CC 
Andrew Boland EPIC MTB 
Matthew Casey XMTB McConvey Cycles 
James Pittam *Unattached* 
Robert Whelan *Unattached* 

Terry McDonagh Epic MTB 
Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 
Gary Sheils Cuchulainn Cc 
Daire Mccaughley Cuchulainn Cc 
John Richardson Epic MTB 
Stephen Kelleher Cuchulainn Cc 
Philip McDonagh MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Nigel Glynn 
Greg Cahill IMBRC 
Niall O'Hara MBCC 
Frankie Taylor Unlaoised MTB 
Chris Mollaghan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Jon Hynes MBCC 
Graham Diamond MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Alan Carolan IMBRC 
Christopher Ging Unlaoised MTB 
Richard Lynch Epic MTB 
Jonathan Buller Banbridge CC 
Michael Cowan Chainreaction Cycles 
Peter Jones Lakeland 
Philip Masterson MBCC 
Karl Ennis Epic MTB 
Joe Henry Phoenix Cc 
Kevin Lysaght Epic MTB 
Joe Bergin Unlaoised MTB 
Mark Wainer *Unattached* 
Martin Kealey Unlaoised MTB 
Kyle Irvine Dromara Cycling Club 
Matthew Kelly *Unattached* 
Jon Willetts MTB Assoc of Dublin 
Niall Horgan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Vincent Ennis MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Paddy Butler MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Donough O'Keefe Epic MTB 
Paddy O'Brien MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Gary Yeo Carrigdhoun Cycling Club 
Paul Barry IMBRC 
David Millist Epic MTB 
Jim Furlong Racing 795 
Colin Hines Plush MTB 
Brendan Moore Zero Gravity Mtn Bike 
Robert Roest Whittle MTB Assoc of Dublin 
Stephen Thomas Epic MTB 
Chris Tyndell *Unattached* 
Kieran O'Hara *Unattached* 
Trevor Murphy *Unattached* 
Aidan Toher MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Darragh Maloney Un-Attached Ulster 
Hughie Gerehty *Unattached* 
William Bennett MBUL 
Sean Culleton Unlaoised MTB 
Barry Russell Carn Wheelers 
Simon Kellaghan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Andras Gercsenyi Thinkbike 
Dan O'Brien Killarney Cycling Club 
Ronan Mooney MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
David Tully Racing 795 
Peter Bermingham MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Declan Quinn MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Aidan Duffy IMBRC 
David Conway Racing 795 
Colin Leahy Killarney Cycling Club 
John Guy Orchard Wheelers 
Patrick Kissane Killarney Cycling Club 
Neil Seffen Harps Cc 
Kenneth Mulvey Epic MTB 
Raymond Orr Omagh Wheelers 
Simon Mulvey Epic MTB 
David Furlong Racing 795 
Marlena Drozdziok *Unattached* 
John Ryan XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Cornelius Duffy IMBRC 
Ross Moonteal 0 
Stephen Coogan *Unattached* 
Derek Mulvey EPIC MTB 
Conor Graham *Unattached* 
Jim Egan *Unattached* 
James Maguire *Unattached* 
Derek Hanna 
Andrew Lavery Dromara Cycling Club 
Ben Marchant IMBRC 
Shane Garvey *Unattached* 
Paul Kelly Epic MTB 
William Forsythe Banbridge CC 
Maurice Mayne Banbridge CC 
Eoin O Connell *Unattached* 
Paul Anderson Banbridge CC 
Raymond Kerr Lakeland 
Simon Stockton Team Madigan C.C. 
Sean Feeney IMBRC 
Ronnie Ogilby *Unattached* 
Brian Yeates Racing 795 

SENIOR 3 (continued)
John Casey XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Tom Quirke Team Ballyhoura 
Michael O Connor Killarney Cycling Club 
Michael Cummins IMBRC 
Joe O'Leary Killarney Cycling Club 
Ross Moorhead Racing 795 
Cieran Maunsell Team Ballyhoura 
Michael O'Connor Killarney Cycling Club 
Robert Higgins UCD Cycling Club 
George Kiely *Unattached* 
Richie Byrne Epic MTB 
David Blevins Harps Cc 
Murt Rice U/A 
Seamus McAvoy Cuchulainn Cc 
Rory O'Donnell *Unattached* 
Robert Talbot Harps Cc 
Richie Archer Harps Cc 
Peter O'Neill IMBRC 
Donough O'Keeffe Epic MTB 
Gerard O'Donnell *Unattached* 
Melvin Bowman *Unattached* 
Kevin Egan XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Redmond O'Toole Bray Wheelers 
Ronan Corrigan XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Kieron Egerton Lakeland 
David Neill Orchard Wheelers 
Johnny Guy Orchard Wheelers 
Dave Kelly Epic MTB 
Raymond Beers XMTB McConvey Cycles 
Dave Millist Epic MTB 
Adam McGreevy Plush MTB 
Richard Stewart *Unattached* 
Stephen Moffitt Phoenix Cc 
Richard Archer Harps Cc 
Damian Sikora Racing 795 
Fred McSorley Apollo Cc 
Mark Yandle GC Wheelers 
Dermott Sweeny *Unattached* 
Colm Dowling *Unattached* 
Jason Stack Usher Irish Road Club 
Alan Graham IMBRC 
Ladislav Faska IMBRC 
Alan Doolan IMBRC 
Colm Pattison EPIC MTB 
Gavin Carroll flow Racing 
David Dollard Cuchulainn Cc 
Alex Gleeson *Unattached* 
Paul Gavin *Unattached* 
Donough O Keefe *Unattached* 
Nick Lannoote MTB Assoc of Dublin 
Paul Bloomer Harps Cc 
Stephen Mellon DCU 
Mark Cromie MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Matt Greene DIT CC 
Charles Coyle U/A 
Colm Bad Hand Writing 0 
Martin Butterly MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Kevin Clarke Stevens-Cycleogical 
Philip Mosterson *Unattached* 
Damien Duggan Chainreaction Cycles 
Gary Ennis Epic MTB 
Michael Holland 
Conor McGinn 
Thomas Moran Covey Wheelers 
Richard Lee *Unattached* 
Michael Gordon *Unattached* 
Ryan Walsh Carn Wheelers 

Stephen Law Carn Wheelers 
Martin Grimley Dromara Cycling Club 
Ronan Hopkins Un-Attached Leinster 
Kevin Dalton Un-Attached Munster 
Graham Hand EPIC MTB 
Shane Elder Carn Wheelers 
Stephen Prentice Banbridge CC 
Nigel Collins Dromara Cycling Club 
Thomas Hepburn *Unattached* 
Jonathan Mccaughtry *Unattached* 
Ryan Irvine 
David Crooks Carn Wheelers 
Mervyn Gordon Carn Wheelers 
Barry Young Carn Wheelers 
Tim Healy *Unattached* 
Brian Wilson Dromara Cycling Club 
Darren McGann West Coast Wheelers 
Stephen Kelly Dromara Cycling Club 
Brian Curran Banbridge CC 
Frank Mcguinness Cuchulainn Cc 
Gavin Treanor *Unattached* 
Adrian Finnegan Dromara Cycling Club 
Vincent Bradley Carn Wheelers 
David Hickey Connemara MTB 
Fergus McCann Cuchulainn Cc 
Phil Gray Dromara Cycling Club 
Noel Doherty Killarney Cycling Club 
Arek Surname IMBRC 
Aidan Lafferty 
Peter Bourke *Unattached* 
Niall O'Flaherty Cuchulainn Cc 
Curran Beams ? *Unattached* 
Joe Wilson *Unattached* 
Chris Quinn Cuchulainn Cc 
Findhan Strain Donegal MTB Club 
Stuart Holden Cuchulainn Cc 
Sean ??? *Unattached* 
Niall Egan Epic DH 
Tommy Heaney Carn Wheelers 
Patrick Kelly Carn Wheelers 
James Mcguinness Cuchulainn Cc 
Robert Elliott Plush MTB 
Andy Ward *Unattached* 
Alan Ryan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Michael Kelly Carn Wheelers 
Philip Gray Dromara Cycling Club 
Barry O'Donnell *Unattached* 
Peter Loscher MTB Assoc of Dublin 
Ray McCann *Unattached* 
Marcin Bizub 0 
David Coyne Epic MTB 
Mark Mooney 0 
Keith McDowell 
Tim Murray Cuchulainn Cc 
Mark Riddell 
Diarmuid Kealey Unlaoised MTB 
Derek Hayes MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Graeme Smyth Cuchulainn Cc 
Stephen Walsh Carn Wheelers 
Alan Gilkinson East Tyrone Cycling Club 
Darren Hughes Harps Cc 
Andrew Woodside Kings Moss Cc 
Derek Hanna Dromara Cycling Club 
Henry Lynn East Tyrone Cycling Club 
Cathal Mcguigan Island Wheelers 
Darren Mulholland Carn Wheelers 
Paul McCarthy *Unattached* 
Alan Clyde *Unattached* 
Eoin Moran MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Leo Mcgarr IMBRC 
Andy Bate Bann Wheelers Cc 
Wesley Allen MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Ciaran Coyle Donegal MTB Club 
Barry Moore *Unattached* 
Steven Mulholland *Unattached* 
Shane Ringwood *Unattached* 
Marc Hansen Donegal MTB Club 
Chris Rogers Cuchulainn Cc 
Paul Nash Donegal MTB Club 
Michael Noel Doherty Killarney Cycling Club 
Jonathan Mccarthey *Unattached* 
Kemble Larkin *Unattached* 
Martin Loughlin Carn Wheelers 
Arek Wojtunik IMBRC 
Stephen Mccamley Castlereagh Cc 
Craig Elliott Epic DH 
Gerry Kelly Carn Wheelers 
Jaroslaw Lustig Un-Attached Leinster 
Camron Burns *Unattached* 
Padraic Lennon Cuchulainn Cc 
Lorcan Stack Naas Cycling Club 
Richard Faloon *Unattached* 
Ronan Campbell *Unattached* 
Derek King Apollo Cc 
Gary Hamilton Cycleways Cc 
Frank Mcgarr *Unattached* 
Alan Walsh MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Jonathan Maunsell Team Ballyhoura 
Niall Colman IMBRC 
Michael O Sullivan Killarney Cycling Club 
Andrew Lowry 0 
Robert Mcalinden EPIC MTB 
Terence O'Neill EPIC MTB 
Fearghal Carroll *Unattached* 
Stephen Behan Un-Attached Leinster 
John Preston MBCC 
Andy Sheehan *Unattached* 
Robert Drohan MBUL 
Ciaran Broughal 0 
Conor Moran *Unattached* 
Paul Watson 
John Shanks 
Tom Hanrahan Unknown 
Michael Rea 
William O'Connor Connemara MTB 
John Grifferty Boyne MBC 
Enda Keogh Boyne MBC 
Ben Griffin IMBRC 
Lucas Zimierski 
Philip Grey 
Peter Uprichard 
David Graham 


Melanie Spath Cycleways Cc 
Cait Elliott Wxc 
Ciara MacManus Unattached Ulster 

Orla Mcclean Epic MTB 
Rose Griffin IMBRC 
Julie Rea Chainreaction Cycles 
Gill Smith *Unattached* 
Julie McCrory Dromara Cycling Club 
Linda Marijke Haug Sorrento CC 
Agata Tamulewicz MTB Assoc of Dublin 
Valerie O'Neill Phoenix Cc 

Caroline Murphy Epic MTB 
Claire Breslin MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
ine McKenna IMBRC 
Dianne Keys *Unattached* 
Zana Auzina *Unattached* 
Joanne McCallum Dromara Cycling Club 
Paula Keohan MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Joleene Cahill Un-Attached Leinster 
Roisin Hughes Dromara Cycling Club 
Kerryann Hughes Harps Cc 
Trudy Brown Northern Cc 
Caroline Reid MTB Assoc Of Dublin 
Erica Grant Epic MTB 
Debbie Irvine Dromara Cycling Club 
Sandra O Hagan Cuchulainn Cc 


Upgrade has been assigned based on rider performance (ie; race times, lap times) and NOT on overall points/league positions.

With regard to downgrading, a rider will need to specifically request to be downgraded by sending an email with the subject 2012 XC NPS category downgrade request to the XC co-ordinator

You will need to include your full name, CI licence number, your 2011 category you competed in, and the 2012 category you are requesting to be downgraded to.

You will also need to include a paragraph justifying why you require downgrade. Your request will be reviewed by the grading panel and you will be advised an answer well in advance of the first NPS.

All requests must be received before 1st March 2012. Any requests received after this date will not be processed.

Any questions/queries please drop an email to:  XC co-ordinator  and mark Subject: 2012 XC NPS category downgrade request

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