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8 May 2017,

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More work has been done to restore the website data, updating old pages to the newer format required for the later software and hosting server the site is now stored on. The website is now maintained on a voluntary basis and updates are done when time is available.

Improvements will be carried out when time allows.

So I give my Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.


Statement 8th May 2015

Due to financial difficulties this website has been out of commission since mid 2012 and has gradually comeback on-line within the last year.

This website originally started back in 1998, in a time when there were few publishing outlets with information on Irish cycling activities. went on-line and filled those needs. It started as a voluntary idea, posting results, pictures and news items. Over the years the workload increased and it grew into a more commercial business. However, it was never intended as business, the focus was to get information out to the cycling community, a lot of the time, it barely covered its costs, by the end of 2012, a decision had to be made on its viability.

Faced with ever increasing workload and with the website needing a major upgrade to its operating software to cope with future requirements it was decided to park the website until a solution was found.

In the meantime the website is still available to view on-line, it's still in its old format of design and coding. It was felt it's better to have viewable to cyclists than not at all, but with limited funds it had to be transferred to a slower server. The website works reasonably well to view articles but it is very slow to upload new articles and because of that, along with the fact that I have limited time available to spend on the site, new articles will be mainly 'press releases'.

Visitors will notice that some pictures are not displaying on older pages, they have been removed to cut down on overall volume of data hosted. All the pictures are backed up and stored. It is hoped that in the future a new website can be built and all the content transferred into a new system for all to view.

Finally, the bulk of the website content is there, I know lots of people will be glad to have the content available and then there will be those who will moan and complain there's something wrong or something not working, they're not in the picture or their name is spelt wrong. If I was to listen to the latter, I wouldn't bother going to the trouble to get the website back on-line.

To those of you who have been supportive to me and those involved with the website over the years, a 'BIG THANK YOU' it was your support that kept us going. To the others, please don't email us looking for pictures or results....

Peter Purfield (Webmaster)

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