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The webmaster's email is: (Answering emails may not be possible)

  • Note: is an online cycling news and results website

  • We are not the National Governing Body for cycling - contact them at Cycling Ireland - Email:

  • We are not a Cycling Tourist Information website.

  • Unfortunatly I don't have time for picture requests (please don't ask as refusals can offend)

  • We do not post exchange links to other websites. (please don't ask as refusals can offend)

  • Images published on this website remain the property of the photographer - if photographs are available to purchase we normally include the contact details for the photographer. Please do not contact us for copies of images, go directly to the photographer.


Before your Cycling Event.

  • You can send us Pre-Event publicity between 7 and 12 days before the event and we will include try include it.. 

  • All event details can be sent to 

  • Please DO NOT SEND US POSTERS or very large PDF or  picture files, we need your information in 'Text Format' and low resolution images are fine for our use on web pages.

After your Event

  • You can send your event results or reports to  

  • If someone has taken photos of your event they can be sent to

    (Please send us small file sizes and we have a limit of 24 pictures per event, also please supply the photographer name, so we can credit same).

Please note: if email address are out of date, please replace 'XXXX' with 'current year' on email addresses /