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Cycling Ireland Downhill National Series Final Round and Overall Results
By Gavin Quinn, Communications Officer, Cycling ireland
27 Sep 2022,

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Neitzke and Maunsell claim Downhill National Series title as Dunne and Brady take victory in final round

The third and final round of the 2022 Downhill National Series took place at The Glencullen Adventure Park (The GAP) on Sunday, 25th September 2022.

With this being the final race of the season, the overall standings of the 2022 Downhill National Series were confirmed at The GAP.

Matheus Neitzke - Photo courtesy 'Atom Creates'

Matheus Neitzke was confirmed as the overall winner of the series, his 473 points tally saw him finish over 83 points ahead of second-placed Ronan Dunne on 390 points. Anthony Dunne finished third overall with 361 points.

In the women’s rankings, Leah Maunsell finished first overall with 490 points, the Team Ballyhaura rider finished ahead of Cat Brady in second place with 375 points and Marie Farrell with 303 points in third.

Offering a mixture of technical track and large bike-park jumps, Sunday’s downhill course was a serious challenge for all involved.

Ronan Dunne ended a formidable season by taking the Elite Men win in an impressive 1:48.96 at the GAP.

Neitzke pushed Dunne all the way with an incredible 1:49.58 for second place. Niall Clerkin had a great race to finish third in 1:50.53.

Cat Brady - Photo courtesy 'Atom Creates'

Cat Brady took the win in the women’s senior and junior event with a time of 2:27.67, a victory which Brady was delighted with atop the podium.

Jamie Wall took the Junior Men's win on his home track with an impressive 1:52.80, while Josh Gallagher finished second in a rapid 1:54.17, and Max Schone third in 2:00.49.

In the under-14s, Darragh Ryan won with an unbelievable time of 1:54.17, a finish which placed the youngster 8th in the entire field.

Callum Morris took victory in the under-16s finished with a 1:54.15, another impressive performance.

The Masters 50/60 category was taken by Scott Barkley in 2:18.50 while the Masters 40 was won by Glyn O’Brien in 1:58.57

The Sports Men win went to Alan Connolly with a time of 2:04.95, the Senior Men category was won by Darragh Sweeny in 1:56.02, and James MacFerran finished top of the Masters 30 category in at time of 1:58.20.

Full results:

Cycling Ireland Downhill National Series Round 3 Full Results

Juvenile U14 boys

1st Ryan Darragh 01:54.2
2nd Murray Kyle GAP MTB 01:59.3
3rd Costa-Holmes Kayden MBCC 02:04.2
4th Keeffe Ros Bree Mountain Biking 02:05.8
5th Piorek Filip Limerick Mountain Biking Club 02:09.1
6th Mc Cormack Billy Un-Attached Leinster 02:10.7
7th Jennings Luke GAP MTB 02:11.8
8th Connolly Freddie Bray Wheelers 02:13.3
9th Lancashire Cailan Un-Attached Ulster 02:13.7
10th McManus Charlie Un-Attached Ulster 02:19.3
11th O'Sealbhaigh Finn Gravity BC 02:21.2
12th McGowan Ross GAP MTB 02:24.1
13th Smith Ryan Un-Attached Leinster 02:24.2
14th Moore Murray Troy GAP MTB 02:25.0
15th Rock Chris GAP MTB 02:27.4
16th Sherrard Marcos GAP MTB 02:30.5
17th Merriman Tom GAP MTB 02:32.0
18th Holden Johnny GAP MTB 02:33.4
19th Barry Calvin GAP MTB 02:37.5
20th Allman Oran GAP MTB 02:39.0
21st Kehoe Henry Stage One MTB 02:39.7
22nd Duffy Jamie GAP MTB 02:41.0
23rd Ritchie Thomas GAP MTB 02:46.7
24th Donnelly Finn VC Glendale 02:47.3
25th Naughton Ben GAP MTB 02:53.8
26th Kearney Jamie GAP MTB 02:59.5
27th O'Malley JP GAP MTB 03:00.1

Youth U16 boys

1st Morris Callum Gortin MTB 01:54.2
2nd Steele Ruairi Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club 01:56.0
3rd Coffey Felim Un-Attached Leinster 02:00.7
4th Lawlor Cody Bree Mountain Biking 02:00.8
5th Cartwright Conor GAP MTB 02:02.2
6th Saunders Darragh IMBRC 02:02.3
7th Balfe Harry Un-Attached Leinster 02:03.0
8th Sherrard Diego GAP MTB 02:03.8
9th Fitzsimon Ben Team WORC 02:05.0
10th Browne Darragh GAP MTB 02:05.5
11th O'Connor Fionn GAP MTB 02:06.7
12th Farrelly Daragh GAP MTB 02:08.7
13th Clancy Callum Un-Attached Leinster 02:11.3
14th O'Rafferty Matthew GAP MTB 02:12.2
15th Girvan Joel Un-Attached Ulster 02:14.2
16th McConkey Billy Un-Attached Leinster 02:20.7
17th Rice Calum Un-Attached Ulster 02:21.1
18th Sweeny Fionn Limerick Mountain Biking Club 02:21.9
19th O'Sullivan Conor Clonmel MTB Club 02:22.2
20th Grosso Lorenzo Un-Attached Leinster 02:22.8
21st Santini Zé IMBRC 02:23.8
22nd Patterson Joel E Un-Attached Ulster 02:24.3
23rd Kearney Matthew GAP MTB 02:26.7
24th Cartwright Jack GAP MTB 02:27.5
25th Burke Mellon Ryan GAP MTB 02:28.4
26th Barr Jamie Chain Reaction Cycles 02:30.4
27th Brannigan Philip Un-Attached Leinster 02:35.7
28th Nugent Jack GAP MTB 02:36.4
29th Glavin Louis GAP MTB 02:38.8
30th Meade Josh GAP MTB 02:54.2
31st Williams Conor Un-Attached Ulster 02:56.2
32nd Isdell Louis Un-Attached Leinster 03:50.9
33rd Griffin Noah Un-Attached Ulster 04:41.0
34th MacPolin Oran GAP MTB 11:53.6
35th McQuaid David GAP MTB 15:07.9

Junior Men

1st Wall Jamie GAP MTB 01:52.8
2nd Gallagher Josh GAP MTB 01:54.2
3rd Schone Max Bree Mountain Biking 02:00.5
4th Quirke Tadhg Team Ballyhoura 02:02.6
5th Sim Robin Gortin MTB 02:03.4
6th Scott Isaac Un-Attached Leinster 02:05.6
7th Joyce James Galway MTB 02:06.6
8th O'Callaghan Jamie MBCC 02:09.3
9th McGoldrick Callum Chain Reaction Cycles 02:11.5
10th McCann Michael Un-Attached Ulster 02:12.0
11th Connolly Sam Bray Wheelers 02:12.5
12th Molloy Jack Un-Attached Leinster 02:12.9
13th Beattie Mark Gortin MTB 02:17.7
14th O'Brien Ruari GAP MTB 02:17.9
15th Hayden Colin Glendalough MTB 02:18.3
16th Sammon Caolan Un-Attached Leinster 02:20.1
17th Joyce-Nightingale Luca Rebel MTB 02:20.9
18th Giles Alex Un-Attached Leinster 02:22.6
19th Walsh Mel MBCC 02:25.9
20th Trainor Harry GAP MTB 02:31.6
21st O'Sealbhaigh Daragh Gravity BC 02:39.4
22nd Morrissey Rowan Galway MTB 02:41.8
23rd O Donnell Jake Un-Attached Munster 02:43.2
24th Williamson Leo GAP MTB 02:48.3
25th Moran Tom Bree Mountain Biking 02:55.7
26th Kelly Morgan GAP MTB 03:51.8

Women - Youth/Senior

1st Brady Cat GAP MTB 02:27.7
2nd Tobin Lilian GAP MTB 02:28.4
3rd Anderson Melissa IMBRC 02:31.9
4th Ihde Iris Hush MTB 02:36.4
5th Tracey Lyndsay GAP MTB 02:42.4
6th Hickey Roisin Kilkenny Collective 02:44.4
7th Sweeny Blaithin Limerick Mountain Biking Club 02:44.7
8th Farrell Marie MTB Assoc of Dublin 02:51.8
9th Erskine Jacqui Gravity BC 02:52.0
10th Bannister Alison Un-Attached Leinster 02:56.0
11th Grzywacz Agata IMBRC 02:56.5
12th O'Kelly Simone GAP MTB 02:57.8
13th Pittam Leah 03:03.8
14th Leite Alda Un-Attached Leinster 03:05.7
McKiverigan Shenna DNF

Masters Men M30

1st Macferran James Cycleology Racing Team 01:58.2
2nd= Rea Michael Un-Attached Ulster 02:04.0
2nd= Bradley Colm 02:04.0
4th Pearson Daire Saint Annes BMX Co-op 02:06.4
5th Mullan Philip Chain Reaction Cycles 02:08.2
6th Pearson Cian Saint Annes BMX Co-op 02:08.8
7th= Belling John MTB Assoc of Dublin 02:12.2
7th= Aiken Ciaran GAP MTB 02:12.2
9th McKinstry Alan Un-Attached Ulster 02:13.2
10th Kenneally Darren Callan Cycling Club 02:19.8
11th Sludds Brendan Bree Mountain Biking 02:24.9
12th Daly Karl 02:25.1
13th Flynn Ray 02:25.3
14th Andreucetti Simon Bree Mountain Biking 02:25.5
15th Aicken Neil 02:26.7
16th Rothwell David 02:28.4

Masters Men M40

1st O'Brien Glyn Chain Reaction Cycles 01:58.6
2nd Coates Ian Biking Dirty 02:01.7
3rd McMullan Dale Chain Reaction Cycles 02:03.4
4th Long Liam Cork BMX Club 02:08.1
5th O'Neill Joseph Saint Annes BMX Co-op 02:08.2
6th Brady Declan GAP MTB 02:13.2
7th Kelly Ken Kildare Mountain Bike Club (KMBC) 02:24.8
8th Siemko Dariusz IMBRC 02:26.1
9th Egan PJ Bree Mountain Biking 02:32.2
10th Murphy Kenneth Bree Mountain Biking 02:36.6
11th Heaney Barry Un-Attached Ulster 02:37.8
12th Fitzpatrick Shay Rostrevor MTB 02:42.0

Masters Men M50/M60

1st Barkley Scott IMBRC 02:18.5
2nd Fitzsimon Vinnie Team WORC 02:20.9
3rd Molloy Declan 02:24.0
4th Byrne Mark Bree Mountain Biking 02:28.9
5th O Sealbhaigh Uinseann Gravity BC 02:34.1
6th Elliott Craig Gravity BC 02:34.7
7th Burton Peter Rebel MTB 02:37.5
8th White Michael Johnston Chain Reaction Cycles 02:39.1
9th Kearney Garret Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 03:09.7

Sports Men

1st Connolly Alan 02:05.0
2nd Ravaitis Deividas 02:07.4
3rd Jenkins Stephen 02:10.3
4th Maguire Robert 02:11.3
5th Hogan Eamon Bree Mountain Biking 02:16.1
6th Mc Gaughey Conor 02:26.6
7th Carragher Shannon 02:31.4
8th Mc Cabe Mark GAP MTB 02:31.5
9th Schone Dominic Bree Mountain Biking 02:31.6
10th Cuddy Gary 02:38.6
11th Surkov Matt 03:03.4

Senior Men

1st Sweeny Darragh Limerick Mountain Biking Club 01:56.0
2nd Kavanagh Jake Bree Mountain Biking 01:56.3
3rd Gahan Ronan 02:00.0
4th Duffy Conor 02:01.6
5th Campbell Peter 02:02.6
6th Furlong Paddy Bree Mountain Biking 02:04.2
7th Pearson Adam 02:08.1
8th Callaghan Thomas Un-Attached Leinster 02:10.6
9th Doran Jake Un-Attached Ulster 02:13.6
10th Boyd Philip 02:14.9
11th Conlon Tony Ards CC 02:15.6
12th Maunsell Jonathan 02:16.4
13th O'Brien Jamie Un-Attached Leinster 02:16.7
14th Devereux Joe Bree Mountain Biking 02:22.1
15th O'Boyle Callan Un-Attached Leinster 02:24.9
16th Egan John Mullaghmeen Mountain Biking Club 02:25.3
17th Thatcher Adam 02:28.5
18th Fennell Jamie Dungarvan CC 02:37.4
19th Feokrytov Daniel Hush MTB 06:10.3

Elite Men

1st Dunne Ronan Un-Attached Leinster 01:49.0
2nd Neitzke Matheus Republic of Bike 01:49.6
3rd Clerkin Niall Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club 01:50.5
4th Cumming Christopher Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club 01:51.1
5th Davis Rob Rippers Lounge Racing 01:53.9
6th Callaghan Ross Stage One MTB 01:55.1
7th Davy Oliver GAP MTB 01:55.3
8th Murphy Chris GAP MTB 01:57.1
9th Dunne Anthony Gravity BC 02:01.9
10th Callaghan Emmet Stage One MTB 02:05.5
11th Fitzpatrick Cathal Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club 02:06.2
12th McGonigle Aymen Un-Attached Ulster 02:06.8
13th Davison Peter 02:37.2


Cycling Ireland Downhill National Series Overall Results

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Latest Headlines
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Irish National Team Announced for Cyclo-cross World Cup In Dublin
Doherty and Harvey make it two wins from two in the Cyclo-cross National Series
Wout Van Aert and Tom Pidcock Confirmed For UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Dublin Stage
Henderson suffers fractured ankle at UCI Urban Cycling World Championships

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