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European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-City conference
By Press Release
24 Jan 2019,

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The European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-City conference series is widely considered as the premier international planning conferences on cycling. The conferences are designed to encourage cycling as part of daily transport and recreation.

In 2019 this international conference is being hosted by Dublin City Council where the conference theme is Cycling for the Ages. This theme focuses on encouraging cycling by people of all ages and abilities, young and old, male and female as part of their daily transport and recreation.

As part of Bealtaine 2019, artists/curator Michelle Browne & James O’hAodha wish to work with communities interested in participating in a cycling art project with a view to developing a performance/event on the Velo-City theme. An version of this performance will be presented during Bealtaine Festival in May and again during the Velo-City conference in June.

We are looking for 10 – 15 willing participants to engage in cycling sessions with James O’hAodha in varied locations around city between February and May. Participants do not necessarily need bikes, but it would be helpful if they have access to them! It is envisaged that the group might meet together about 10 times before the Bealtaine event, the VeloCity demo, and the Conference itself. We hope to start this project asap.

The dates are:
- February 19 & 22 Workshops;
- March 4 & 18 Workshops;
- April 10,13,15 & 18 Workshops;
- May 15 & 18 Workshops and Bealtaine event;
- June 5,8 & Conference 26th, wrap up session 27th.

James is suggesting all workshops to run from 1pm-3pm approximately, to avoid rush hour traffic for any cycles in town. This is flexible depending on feedback on group availability.

James will build on the Crank Set project he did in 2013 that looked at group identity and developing an intergenerational bike gang during the Giro D'Italia when it came to Dublin. He will be working in city centre locations. He would like to work in a few different places around the city to see the differences across locations.

Ideally James would like to incorporate cycling into each session. He will devise a range of exercises and movements through the city including workshops with cycle safety and road confidence building sessions – explorations of psycho-geography and our relationship to places and spaces in the city through group movement – and handing over more agency to the participants themselves to develop intervention ideas that the group can try together.

All the activities will build towards a parade or demonstration like event as part of Bealtaine and the Velo-city Cycling Conference cycle in June. Ultimately the project will think about the place for older people in our city and how that interfaces with the built environment.


For further information or to register your interest please contact Paul Gallier (Assistant Programme Manager, Go For Life) on 01 – 8057705 or email

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