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Shane Stokes
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OTHER CYCLING : Track Racing : Shane Stokes Last Updated: 2 Apr 2018 - 8:45:17 PM

By Shane Stokes
5 Aug 2012,

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Martyn Irvine finished off his Olympic campaign this evening with an aggressive performance in the scratch race and then an eleventh place finish in the concluding kilometre time trial, which left him in a final finishing position of thirteenth overall.

The Irishman had started the afternoon session fourteenth overall and finished a place ahead of that in the final standings on the basis of that scratch race performance. Soon after the start he and Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium) attacked; they were brought back several laps later but Irvine then pushed ahead with seven others and went on to lap the field. Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) also did the same, battling back from a crash to achieve the feat alone.

Irvine tried to push ahead again near the end and chase the win but was brought back, the effort burning up his remaining energy. He rolled in ninth. He then recorded a time of one minute 4.558 seconds in the kilometre for eleventh.

His final overall points total of 64 put him thirteenth in the standings. Norman Hansenís grit earned him gold with 27, with Bryan Coquard (France) and Ed Clancy (Great Britain) second and third.

Scratch Race:

1, Zachary Bell (Canada)
2, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain)
3, Bryan Coquard (France)
4, Roger Kluge (Germany)
5, Elia Viviani (Italy)
6, Bobby Lea (United States of America)
7, Hosung Cho (Republic of Korea)
8, Martyn Irvine (Ireland)
9, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)
10, Edward Clancy (Great Britain)

Kilometer Time Trial:

1, Edward Clancy (Great Britain,) 1:00.981
2, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 1:02.314
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 1:02.513
4, Bryan Coquard (France) 1:03.078
5, Roger Kluge (Germany) 1:03.144
6, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 1:03.290
7, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 1:03.793
8, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea) 1:04.150


11, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 1:04.558

Final overall standings:

1, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 27 pts
2, Bryan Coquard (France) 29
3, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 30
4, Roger Kluge (Germany) 33
5, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 34
6, Elia Viviani (Italy) 34
7, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 48
8, Zachary Bell (Canada) 49


13, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 64


With two events to come in the Olympic omnium, Martyn Irvine is currently fourteenth overall in the competition, and battling to move up as many places as possible before this eveningís end of competition.

The first-time Olympian got things off to a solid start yesterday when he finished ninth in the flying lap time trial, clocking a time of 13.504 seconds. Britainís Ed Clancy covered the distance in 12.556 seconds, becoming the early leader of the competition.

Irvine advanced two places to seventh overall with a fine ride in the points race. He gained a lap early on and then repeated the feat in the second half of the 30 kilometre event, finishing up with 47 points. Germanyís Roger Kluge amassed 32 points more to dominate the round, while Irvine finished sixth.

That put him on fifteen points in the overall standings; Danish rider Lasse Norman Hansen had the lowest combined placings and led with six points (note: lowest total in the overall is best).

Irvine hoped to continue his progress in the elimination race, but was aware that in the past, this has been his toughest event. Unfortunately it caught him out again; after Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium), Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) and Luis Mansilla (Chile) were eliminated in the sprints, which take place on every second lap, Irvine was next to go.

Bryan Coquard (France) ultimately beat Liquigas-Cannondale pro Elia Viviani (Italy) to take that round.

Irvine ended yesterday tenth overall and likely out of reach of his goal of a medal. He tried to bounce back today but this morningís individual pursuit also proved tough. His time of four minutes 32.948 seconds put him fourteenth, while Hansenís four minutes 20.674 was quickest, narrowly edging out Clancy.

With the scratch race and kilometre time trial the final two events, Australiaís Glenn OíShea leads Clancy, seventeen points to nineteen, while Hansen is on the same total as the Briton in third. Irvine has 44 points and is fourteenth.

Heíll assess his performances afterwards, weighing up question such as whether he got his taper wrong and was slightly tired going into the Games, but before then heíll concentrate on rallying his morale and finishing the final two races in the best way possible.

Men's Omnium


250m Flying Time Trial:

1, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 12.556 secs
2, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 13.112
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 13.222
4, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 13.236
5, Bryan Coquard (France) 13.347
6, Elia Viviani (Italy) 13.359
7, Zachary Bell (Canada) 13.406
8, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 13.469
9, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 13.504
10, Bobby Lea (United States of America) 13.559
11, Roger Kluge (Germany) 13.571
12, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea) 13.614
13, Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium) 13.633
14, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) 13.655
15, Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong, China) 13.659
16, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) 13.863
17, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) 14.036
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) 14.270

30km Points Race:

1, Roger Kluge (Germany) 79 pts
2, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 59
3, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) 55
4, Bryan Coquard (France) 51
5, Elia Viviani (Italy) 47
6, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 47
7, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) 26
8, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 25
9, Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium) 23
10, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea) 20
11, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 18
12, Bobby Lea (United States of America) 8
13, Zachary Bell (Canada) 4
14, Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong, China) 3
15, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 3
16, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) -18
17, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) -18
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) -40

Standings after round 2:

1, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 6 pts
2, Bryan Coquard (France) 9
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 11
4, Elia Viviani (Italy) 11
5, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 12
6, Roger Kluge (Germany) 12
7, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 15
8, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 17
9, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) 17
10, Zachary Bell (Canada) 20
11, Bobby Lea (United States of America) 22
12, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea) 22
13, Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium) 22
14, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) 24
15, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 25
16, Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong, China) 29
17, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) 32
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) 36

Elimination Race:

1, Bryan Coquard (France)
2, Elia Viviani (Italy)
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia)
4, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)
5, Edward Clancy (Great Britain)
6, Shane Archbold (New Zealand)
7, Roger Kluge (Germany)
8, Bobby Lea (United States of America)
9, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea)
10, Zachary Bell (Canada)
11, Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong, China)
12, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)
13, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia)
14, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela)
15, Martyn Irvine (Ireland)
16, Luis Mansilla (Chile)
17, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain)
18, Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium)

Standings after round 3:

1, Bryan Coquard (France) 10 pts
2, Elia Viviani (Italy) 13
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 14
4, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 17
5, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 18
6, Roger Kluge (Germany) 19
7, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 23
8, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) 28
9, Zachary Bell (Canada) 30
10, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 30
11, Bobby Lea (United States of America) 30
12, Cho Hosung (Republic of Korea) 31
13, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) 34
14, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 38
15, Gijs van Hoecke (Belgium) 40
16, Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong, China) 40
17, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) 46
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) 52


Individual pursuit:

1, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 4 mins 20.674
2, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 4 mins 20.853
3, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 4 mins 24.811
4, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 4 mins 25.477
5, Roger Kluge (Germany) 4 mins 25.554
6, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 4 mins 26.581
7, Elia Viviani (Italy) 4 mins 28.499
8, Zachary Bell (Canada) 4 mins 29.411
9, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) at 4 mins 29.874
10, Gijs Van Hoecke (Belgium) at 4 mins 29.992
11, Bobby Lea (United States of America) at 4 mins 30.127
12, Bryan Coquard (France) at 4 mins 30.780
13, Hosung Cho (Republic of Korea) at 4 mins 32.382
14, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) at 4 mins 32.948
15, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) at 4 mins 33.532
16, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) at 4 mins 36.477
17, Ki Ho Choi (Hong Kong, China) at 4 mins 38.707
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) at 4 mins 53 secs.230

Standings after four events:

1, Glenn O'Shea (Australia) 17 pts
2, Edward Clancy (Great Britain) 19
3, Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 19
4, Elia Viviani (Italy) 20
5, Bryan Coquard (France) 22
6, Roger Kluge (Germany) 24
7, Shane Archbold (New Zealand) 29
8, Zachary Bell (Canada) 38
9, Bobby Lea (United States of America) 41
10, Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 42
11, Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain) 43
12, Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina) 43
13, Hosung Cho (Republic of Korea) 44
14, Martyn Irvine (Ireland) 44
15, Gijs Van Hoecke (Belgium) 50
16, Ki Ho Choi (Hong Kong, China) 57
17, Carlos Daniel Linarez Zambrano (Venezuela) 62
18, Luis Mansilla (Chile) 70

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