Due to financial difficulties this website has been out of commission for the last couple of years.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This website started back in 1998, in a time when there were few publishing outlets for information on Irish cycling activities. went online and filled those needs.  It started as a voluntary idea, over the years the workload increased and it grew into a more commercial business.  However, it was never intended as business and at times it barely covered its costs, by the end of 2012, a decision had to be made on its viability. Faced with ever increasing workload and with the website needing a major upgrade to its operating software to cope with future requirements it was decided to park the website until a solution was found.
Don't write us off just yet, let's hope the website can return in the future and continue to support the sport.  In the meantime the website is still available to view online, it's still in its old format and due to funding it has been transferred to a slower server.  Some pictures have been removed to cut down on overall volume.  Please don't email us looking for pictures or results. There will be limited updates to the website until a decision on the future is decided.
You will be automatically directed to our existing website. Alternatively click the link below.

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